I realized a while ago that blogging has always been my strong suite. I tried other things, specifically podcasting, and found that it’s not enjoyable alone but I’m great with a partner! (Are you a Once Upon a Time fan? Check out Once Upon a Timing on iTunes!)

So I find myself in a familiar place: restarting the blog.

The reason it failed in the past is because I’m no longer like talking about my life in an open forum. For two reason: I’m boring and anythjnv interesting I have to say is about work and that’s dangerous blogging waters.

Then what will you blog about, Abbey?!

Reviews! Reviews of what? Everything I can get my grubby little hands on! Apps, books, movies, etc.

The goal will be a post a week unless otherwise noted. So welcome to the rebirth! Next weeks post: a review of Neko Atsume!